Monday, 15 June 2015

#OOTD : Pretty in pink ❤

I'm a totally fanatic pink freak. Like I have to have everything in pink if possible. So I guess that would sum up this pink overloaded outfit. From the pink flower to the dress and shocking pink Converse! But would you believe me if I told you I am a thrifty shopper? Everyone who personally knows me, knows that I'm a shopaholic. I just can't resist a good bargain literally. The dress that I'm wearing costs only RM5. I got it from bundle clothes shop at PD and I couldn't believe it when I found that dress in the shop.

Now let's talk about the shoes. Converse is a good investment and it's not the shopaholic in me trying to defend myself. Converse can be worn with almost anything - jeans, dress, skirts, shorts and basically anything else informal. The best part about it is the older it gets the better it looks. No one throws away their Converse cause it just keeps getting better. I pride myself of getting the right shoes because I walk a lot as I take public transportation wherever I go. And with the unpredictable weather, rain or shine Converse endures it all.

The one thing I learned about shopping over these past couple of years is that you need to know what to save on and splurge on. Accessories like the flower hair clip which I got at Lovisa, is something to save on. New trends will keep arising so you will need to keep updating yourself with the latest accessories. Either wait for the sales, Lovisa sells flower crowns at RM30 for 3 during sales or buy them from flea markets at RM10 for 3. My personal opinion, wait for sales cause flea market quality may not be up to standards. Splurging would be like a pair of Converse or jeans. You aren't going to buy 10 pairs of different colored Converse right? One pair can last you a minimum of 5 years so splurge on them.

Always remember to divide the price of the item with how many times you're going to wear it. That dress from H&M that costs RM200 is probably only going to be worn once every 3 months because no one likes to be seen in the same attire constantly right? So is it worth the splurge? Of course not!

Wanna go shopping with me, let's make it a date cause I'm always up for shopping ;)